Postmodern fandom is VITAL and ALIVE and it recognises Doctor Who as being VITAL and ALIVE. It is a thumbs up to VERDIGRIS, THE HOLY TERROR, INTERFERENCE and CAMPAIGN and a thumbs down to THE APOCALYPSE ELEMENT, PARALLEL 59 and INDEPENDENCE DAY. It is a FUCK YOU to the orthodoxy of Who fandom, to the BLAND and TRADITIONAL, to David Howe, to DWM, to Gary Russell, to the DWAS, to Justin Richards and to Steve Cole. It is a CELEBRATION of the NEW, the INNOVATIVE and the INTELLIGENT, of Lawrence Miles, of Tat Wood and of Paul Magrs. It is ECLECTIC, its interests stretch beyond other science fiction and fantasy. It is CULTURED and can appreciate PROUST, KUBRICK and STRAVINSKY as well as FLEMING, SPIELBERG and JOHN WILLIAMS. It understands how to use the NET as a WEAPON against the mainstream. It's DIVERSE and it's out there, it's QUEER and it's STRAIGHT and it's in the HEARTLANDS. It's ANGRY and DISSATISFIED but it's starting to find a VOICE again, though as soon as it starts writing letters to DWM it'll be time to DESTROY it and start all over again. It's about RANTING, SWEARING and BEER.
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